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Active Defense To Charges of Possession and Sale

If you are arrested for drug use, possession or trafficking in the Orange County area, you need experienced and skilled legal representation. Criminal attorney, Charmaine Druyor, has the knowledge to assist you, but more importantly, she has the concern to go the extra mile to ensure your most favorable outcome.

Assessing the facts of the case against you

In most crimes, the prosecution must prove an act and an intent. The intent element makes all the difference between a crime and an accident. But with drug crimes, the intent is either irrelevant or implied. If you have drugs in your car, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove they are your drugs. If there is a sufficient quantity of drugs, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove you intended to sell; the weight implies as much. Your drug crime attorney must be able to assess the facts of your case and determine whether an affirmative defense, requiring you to prove someone else was at fault, can help your situation. It takes a great deal of experience to know whether a plea bargain is better in the long run than a futile defense at trial. A criminal lawyer must also be able to explain the impact of a drug conviction or plea bargain on a juvenile defendant. You can trust attorney Charmaine Druyor to always consider your best interests and to fully explain your options so that you can make the best choice.

Challenging police procedures in drug arrests

The courts enforce your Fourth Amendment protection against illegal searches and seizures, your Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and your Sixth Amendment right to due process with the “exclusionary rule,” which bars law enforcement from using evidence they obtain in violation of a defendant’s rights. Examples of Constitutional violations include:

  • Unlawful traffic stop
  • Unlawful stop and frisk
  • Unlawful search of a person
  • Unlawful search of a vehicle
  • Unlawful search of a premises
  • Failure to give Miranda warnings
  • Using compulsion to get an admission
  • Failure to provide legal counsel when requested

We work to uphold the rights of defendants and actively challenge questionable police procedures. Often, our criminal defense law firm succeeds in raising doubts about whether drug evidence will be admissible, which allows us to get charges dropped or reduced.

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