Do I Need to Lawyer Up When It Comes to Marijuana Possession?

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6th Dec 2016

criminal-drug-possession-attorney-santa-anaWhen it comes to pot, do you need a lawyer? Thousands of people are arrested every year on drug charges, and unfortunately, in many states marijuana is still classified as a drug. There are states where it is legalized and where it is legal for medical marijuana patients. However, the laws vary and it is illegal in some states, where some states have limits on how much you can carry or how you can transport it even if it is permitted.

With all of these laws to wade through and differing laws when it comes to different states, it’s tough to know what your rights are and sometimes what you even did wrong. That’s when you need a lawyer to help you through your case and help you understand what your options are. You may be less down on your luck than you think, especially if you can hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows their stuff. Read on to find out why hiring an attorney in the field when you have been arrested for marijuana possession may help you!

When it comes to the sale, possession, growth and distribution of the cannabis plant, marijuana is regulated by state and federal law. When it comes to the state of California, marijuana used to be classified as a Schedule One substance. However, laws can change and in November 2016 the people and voters passed an initiative to allow legal use as well as growth when it comes to certain conditions. So where many people were previously blocked from growing and using cannabis, many are now allowed. However, some laws have been put into place, such as making it illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis and processing that as a DUI.

In California, you can actually posses cannabis if it is 28.5 grams or less. You can actually have up to 4 grams of concentrate cannabis on you and even have up to six mature marijuana plants going at one time. Under 28.5 grams of regular cannabis flowers is still legal and is unable to be deemed illegal by local laws. However, if you are carrying more than this amount in marijuana at you anytime and are caught, you may run into some legal trouble. Additionally, you cannot smoke or imbibe in public or where smoking is prohibited, as well as cannot consume when you are on or within 1,000 feet of a youth or daycare center or school. You cannot have an open container of cannabis or consume while driving– or as a passenger.

Those who break the law will find themselves facing a fine that goes up to $500 and even get up to six months in jail (or a combination of both). So there is a lot to learn and understand about the laws in the state that can help you or hurt you. The same goes for anyone going into business using marijuana– there are lots of laws and regulations that come with it, and penalties too. If you’ve been caught or arrested for issues related to marijuana possession, contact us today and see what you can do. A good lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

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