10th Nov 2016

experienced-domestic-violence-attorney-santa-ana-newport-beach-caWhen it comes to domestic violence, no one wants to be a victim. However, sometimes domestic violence is unavoidable. These types of cases are often considered a little different from other charges. If you’re considering bringing a case against someone who has abused you or trying to clear your name, you will need an experienced domestic violence defense attorney on your side. Here’s what to look for:

Experience in the Field

It’s easy to see how having some experience can help your lawyer defend you. Attorneys who have been practicing and have trial experience with domestic assault are going to be more equipped to win the case. That’s just the way it is. At attorney with experience in this field will be of more use to you than a general lawyer that practices other types of cases. Whether you are trying to prove your innocence in a case or trying to get the jury to find the perpetrator guilty, getting experienced legal counsel is your best bet.

Get the Best Attorney Possible

One piece of advice that you might not hear often is to get the best attorney possible! Even if it means getting a lawyer from another county, you want the lawyer that’s going to do the best, not play golf with the judge. Being local may even work against you, while an attorney from another county wants to help you win the case instead of playing it safe with the judge.

Make Sure They Will Reject a Plea Bargain

If you plead guilty, your life may be ruined. When charged with false allegations regarding the act of domestic violence, you can only escape the charges in two ways. The case must be dismissed or the accused must be found not guilty by a jury of their peers. A plea bargain will get you less time but tarnish your name, reputation, and life from that moment on. You want a lawyer that is going to flat-out reject any plea bargains and fight for you.

Get an Attorney That Will Prevent Damaging Family Violence Charges

A formal conviction is bad, but a number of results can be just as damaging. Any deferral, probation, or jail release will still leave the defendant with a criminal record that is public as well as a finding of family violence. These charges can hurt individuals by causing loss of employment not only in the present but in the future as well. A good attorney will fight to keep these charges from sticking.

Pick the Team That’s Prepared

A team that has everything together is going to aid you so much. You can often win a case before it even starts through inadmissible evidence and witness reports testifying to potentially tainted evidence. A team that is prepared is going to be able to help you win this case and give it their very best shot. Don’t go with a sloppy team; if they can’t manage their files and briefcases, what are the odds they can manage your trial?

If you are being charged with domestic violence or wish to charge someone, consult our law offices today. Our experienced team has the skills and background necessary to give you the best possible chance at winning your case. Call today to schedule a meeting and find out more!

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